Saturday, July 7, 2012

Construction Day 3

Today we started with our devotion then breakfast, then on to the building site, day three, possibly one more day to lay the floor. Today is Saturday, 7 July 2012. We were able to get the big stump, that we had been working on for two days, out and another big rock.  We leveled the ground from the area we removed all the rocks and stump from, and then we had to move the rocks to another area.  Some of the rocks took three to four of us, and the other rocks took two of us to roll.   When we thought we were through with the outside rocks, Pedro our contractor told us that we also needed to remove two rocks from the kitchen area, fortunately they were much easier to remove.  By the time returned from lunch, Pedro and Jose had the roof rafters were up and the first sheet of corrugated metal for the roof was up.  By the end of the day the entire roof was in place.  Paula Darr is an amazing, strong woman.  She was busting rock and using the crowbar right along with the guys and sometimes more so.  Our translators, Cesar and Ranfis were right there helping all along the way.  The last hour of the day we sifted sand in preparation to make concrete for the floors.  The bus ride after lunch to the site was very quiet, as we all are feeling our muscles and fatigue.  But at the end of the day there was more talking with a sense of accomplishment from doing God’s work over the last three days.   Tonight after dinner for desert we had ICE CREAM!!  God is great! 
Signing off, this is Victor Shermer
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