Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Day of 'Rest'

After devotions and breakfast we began the day with walking through Santiago and doing a little shopping. After lunch we gathered together to prep for the Teen Program that begins tomorrow. We reviewed the schedule, went over the games and learned the song "Beautiful Things "  in Spanish. We  got ready to go to church service in Cerro de Oro. When we got there we were greeted by Pastor Tomas. Entering the church people would turn to watch us, especially the children. They would smile and wave.  One little boy ran down the isle saying "hola" and waving at us. The service was a lot of worship of singing, praying and praising God. Even though we could not understand a lot of it, when we shared later that night all of us had felt God's presence and had realized that God is here, he is in the U.S. and in every country around the world hearing praises in every language. What an AWESOME God! Later, we had dinner with  Pastor Tomas. During dinner he shared with us and answered questions. While he said he was thankful for us being there and the work we were doing, we can't help but realize we are doing very little compared to what he is doing for the people and for God's kingdom everyday in Cerro de Oro. At the end of each day we share special moments that happened during the day. Tonight there was not a dry eye in the Hacienda. The experience is doing so much in the hearts of our team it is difficult to put into words.

Thank-you for your prayers and encouragement!

In His Love,



  1. Jeanneane found her Marta or was it Marta that found her Gringo? Did you get to meet her dad,Pedro? He is a elder at the church in CDO. If you visit Cruz during your rounds; Pedro live right above him. And Crus live a little ways above Moises.
    Nice new Hair doo you got going on there Heather.
    Praying for you all as you head into your week of school programs and visitations. Glad you got to have dinner with BT. He is a very amazing man of God.
    Paula- looking forward to becoming good friends with the four legged family this week.

  2. Who is that 37 year old sporting pig tails? Oh yeah, that's my wife!