Monday, July 9, 2012

God Can Do Unexpected Thinngs

Today was a great day because God allowed our team to go back and work with the families and finish building the houses. During the afternoon we went to a school named Paguacal. This was my first time working with kids that are close to my age. I was very surprised that things went very well. During my time in the school one of the kids who was in my group came to me and asked me to sit next to him. I was very surprised that he came to me and started to talk to me. I was not expecting that something like this will happen to me. God showed me there that he can do many things with out you knowing. I thank God for giving me this great experience so that I can do the work here  for God.

Buenos Noches,
Big Baudilio

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  1. You ARE making a difference B - I am very glad the Mowreader family was represented by you this trip. God is working through you and your heart for His things!!