Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Work Begins

Buenas Noches,

Today was our first day building houses in Cerro de Oro. We divided into two teams and worked on two homes. The work is very hard but it feels so good to serve these families.
Victor & I mixing cement
 In the morning I was on the team with Paula. We made a chain and moved a large wood pile. You can imagine that we would come across some interesting critters in the process. Paula got to the bottom of the pile and let out a curdling scream. A crab welcomed her to Gualemala. She thought it was a huge spider wanting to sit down beside her. We didn't let that happen. Yesterday Cindy had a hard time with the long and curvy bus ride to Santiago. We were worried that she would struggle on our trip to Cerro de Oro but no more motion sickness. God is good. And since we left Seattle on Tuesday my achilles has not hurt at all. It's crazy. Thank you everyone for your prayers.
Bryan reading in espanol
The people here are so generous and the children are precious. Three little boys helped us sift sand in the afternoon. Little Charlie, Javier, and Emilito. Their presence gave us the boost we needed to finish the day. It was a great day!

Hugs & kisses to everyone back home, David