Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our Hearts Are Full

Praying with Petrona after
 delivering medical supplies.
Some of the teen boys.
Today was full of God's work. I felt incredibly blessed to see all God did today. First we delivered medical kits to ten homes in Cerro de Orro.The kits supplied the families with medicine, vitamins, lotion and other supplies. I saw mothers with bright, joyful smiles as they received the kits. I heard from the families how they were healing since last visited by other High Pointe mission teams. One of the most inspiring moments of the day was listening to prayers in Tz'utujil, Spanish, and English while praying with each of the families. At one home we discovered a women named Isabella had injured her knee. We were able to transport her to the hospital in Santiago to receive treatment. She received medicine, was placed in a splint and learned some exercises to help with the injury. Isabella mentioned that her level of pain was greatly reduced. It is so amazing to see God work in such powerful ways.
We spent the afternoon teaching the teenagers at Paguacalin Cerro de Orro. The teens had a blast playing games with us. Victor taught today's main lesson which was discovering God's purpose for one's life. The teens also learned about the importance of internet safety. I couldn't believe the amount of laughter from all of the teens when we played one of Paula's games involving a balloon. The teens had to pass a balloon around in a circle without using their hands.  During small group time with the teens, many of them shared that God's purpose is important in their life. Overall we all had fun being goofy and connecting with the teens. Please pray that tomorrow will be a day that glorifies God as we wrap up our work with the teens. Pray the teens receive God's truth with open hearts and that lives are changed.

The girls playing the balloon game.

En Cristo,