Sunday, June 24, 2012

Humbled and Overwhelmed

One week from today our team will be commissioned by the church to go and and spread the good news to the people of Santiago and Cerro de Orro.  Then that evening we have our team packing party to pack the school supplies the church has donated and make sure the suitcases weigh the right amount.  It is a fun night for the team as the excitement, nervousness and reality hit that we are about to leave.

As I sit here this morning while my family sleeps, drinking coffee and thinking about what I have to do today, I am overwhelmed by Gods love and generosity toward me.  I am reminded again that I am not worthy of the blessings he bestows upon me and I am humbled that he has chosen to give them freely regardless.

This evening my house will be full of friends who have stepped up to help care for our kids while I am serving in another country.  Not one friend, but many.  There was a period of time when I thought I would not be going on this trip.  Our caregiver had some personal issues come up and was no longer able to work for us.  Therefore, I had no childcare.  With Corey working the swingshift in Everett that made things extra hard.  And having a child with disabilities......well in my mind that made it near impossible. 


If you read any of my posts from the February trip you will remember that God has placed this word in my life this year, over and over.  He has been working on my faith in so many ways, big and small.  And I guess this was just another lesson, although for me, a huge one.

It really does take a village to raise a child.  And I will see that village tonight.  To know that so many people care about our family, our kids, and are willing to sacrifice their time to help us out is overwhelming.  As the calls and offers of help came in, each time it took me back.  But today, this morning, I type this through tears.

Dinner.  And thank you's.  That is what I have to offer.  But what I am getting in return is so much deeper.  Peace.  Love.  Support.  So much more that I cannot put into words right now.

Each one of you that is helping our family, or helping someone else on the team, YOU are also going to Guatemala.  Without you, we would not be there.  This is not just about us.  This is about each of you as well.  You are there in love and spirit.  So thank you!  Thank you for your donations of time, money, school supplies and prayer! 

Faith.  Mine has at times been as small as a mustard seed.  It was when I lost Austin's caregiver.  And some may say that is cliche'.  However, God's promises are true!  I never stopped prayng for his help and more importantly his will.  Yes, I prayed that I would still be able to be a part of this wonderful team and travel to Guatemala with them.  But I also prayed that if it was his will that I stay behind, that I find peace in that.  I gave it to him.  This has not always been easy for me. 

Well I need to end this somehow, but can't quite find the words.  I will simply say Thank You once again.  And I am sure this will not be the last time you hear about another faith lesson that our wonderful father is teaching me.  I can only pray they get easier as I am learning to trust him and listen more.