Friday, July 6, 2012


As we do each morning we began with devotions and worship. I love the time we spend in worship together, we don't always get the words or the tune quite right but there is still such beauty in the collective sound of our voices as we prepare hearts for all that we will see and do each day. It is such a wonderful way to begin our day in community and harmony with one another.
Today was day two at our construction sites and we are seeing progress both in the building of homes for the families we are serving and the in the relationships we are beginning to create. On the site I am on it seemed that as walls were going up others were coming down. It was such a joy to see Bryan and Baudilio reading and playing with the kids and also watching our team work together along side our construction leaders.
Tomorrow will be our last day working on the site and will be a difficult day as we say good bye to people we all feel we are just beginning to develop relationships with. Please be in prayer for each of us as we process our emotions and experiences, tomorrow will most likely be the first difficult day that we have had to face so far.
I need to sign off now we are about to loose our Internet, but wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been praying for us, we have already been seeing how God has prepared the way here and continues to sustain and challenge us each day. It is truly amazing so far.

Buenos Noches - Jeanneane

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