Monday, June 11, 2012

Welcome To Our Team!

Welcome to the blog for the summer HPC mission trip to Guatemala.  We are so excited to start sharing our journey with you!  Let me introduce you to our team members.  Heather Zagar will be leading the trip this year with the help of an assistant leader in Paula Darr.  Other team members include Holly Robinson, Jenn Matthews, David Hiegel, Baudillio Mowreader, Bryan Clifford, Victor Shermer, Cindy Edlund and Jeanneane Haley. 

We are all very excited to be heading to Guatemala in July.  We have been working hard on putting together a teen program for the youth in Cerro de Orro.  Along with teaching the teens, we will be helping to build 2 houses and bringing medical supplies to the families that we have previously built homes for. 

Our team has bonded quickly already in the short time we have had together.  This past Saturday we spent the day at Camp Arnold working on team building activities and learning more about one another.  And learn we did!  It was great to see everyone encouraging each other, supporting one another, learning to listen more, and really working as a team.  We had several team members stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones in some height obstacles/exercises.  And of course we had a LOT of laughter too.

God has already been doing some very amazing things amongst our team.  Each of us has had some challenges personally from health issues, childcare, work and money to deal with.  But we have prayed (and continue to do so) for one another and encouraged one another and have seen God overcome each obstacle.  We know that He has called us to go on this journey and that He will see us through it.  As I type this I reflect on the Israelites as Moses was leading them out of Egypt.  God was in front of them and behind them every step of the way.  He was there physically!  Although we may not be able to see him today, we know he is with us and we know he is guiding our steps.  He has paved our way, will lead us and will come behind us to finish his work.

We invite you to come with us as we go along the journey He has called us to.  We will use this blog to share our stories and to ask for specific prayer requests.  Feel free to comment at any time.  We would love to hear from you!

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